What this blog is about —

I was raised in the idylic setting of a South Dakota farm, where the wide-open landscape unleashed my imagination and launched me into the big, wide world — I have lived in Hawaii, spent the best summer of my life in Yellowstone, a winter at the Grand Canyon, taught 5th and 6th graders at an outdoor science camp, and most recently spent 25 years working as a teleprompter to the rich and famous in Hollywood. Twenty of those years were spent working on the Late Late Show, through three hosts, 2 directors and more producers than I can count. Those long years brought me no closer to my dream of working as a screenwriter, and recent years hammered home the ugliness of the celebrity culture. I’ve also witnessed the transformation of Hollywood into a corporate structure, where just a few at the top reap all the rewards and the rest are supposed to just feel grateful they were allowed to take part. I am done and can no longer summon any enthusiasm for this business.  However, with 25 years of only doing one job, there is little else for which I am qualified. So here I am at age 50 with very few options. I am standing before a great chasm and have chosen to leap. I’m leaving L.A. and launching a writing career. THAT is what this blog is about… come along and see if I plummet or land safely on the other side.


  • Michelle Tepper

    I find it uncanny that the timing of your new beginning is right around Passover and Easter. I am so excited to read about your future endeavors and past experiences. Wishing you all the best in your new adventure!

  • Tim Salmen

    I doubt you’ll plummet. But if you do, just remember, Wyle E. Coyote plummeted multiple times every Saturday morning and walked away, every time! Go for it!

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